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Beware of the Cameras that Issue Red Light and Speeding Tickets In Chandler

Our Goal is to teach you HOW not to get any more traffic tickets. Over the next 12 days we will show you where each Chandler camera is located.

  1. In Chandler if any part of your vehicle crosses the RED and or red and white line while the traffic light is Red you will get a ticket in the mail. 
  2. If you are going 11 miles per hour over the posted speed limit while crossing the red line you will get a ticket in the mail.
  3. It is either – or, not both.

Camera Locations

There are 12 intersections with photo enforcement cameras in Chandler. At the twelve intersections, there are photo enforcement cameras to cover speed and red light violations. The twelve controlled intersections in Chandler are:

  1. Alma School Rd and Queen Creek Rd
  2. Alma School Rd and Ray Rd
  3. Alma School Rd and Warner Rd
  4. Arizona Ave and Ray Rd
  5. Arizona Ave and Warner Rd
  6. Arizona Ave and Ocotillo Rd
  7. Chandler Blvd and Dobson Rd
  8. Chandler Blvd and Kyrene Rd

  9. McQueen Rd and Queen Creek Rd
  10. Ray Rd and Dobson Rd
  11. Ray Rd and McClintock Rd
  12. Ray Rd and Rural Rd
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