Get your ticket dismissed and learn how not to get another ticket

We have been helping people get their Arizona Traffic Tickers dismissed since 2007. Upon completion of this course the charge on your Arizona Traffic Ticket will be dismissed, No points will be assessed on your driving record and you do not have to appear in court. 

Defensive Driving Classroom $50.00*

*additional court and state fees apply. For total cost  click here. 

Defensive Driving Online $47.95*

*additional court and state fees apply. For total cost  click here. 

You will need a copy of your driver’s license and your traffic ticket (citation) to register.

Use a scanner or your cell phone to upload a legible copy of the documents.

The class is a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum for 4 1/2 hours long

Pay with a credit card, debit card, or Paypal account (Online Class Only)
All fees are due before starting the program.
The total cost of the classroom  course includes our low course fee of $50.00, a State Fee ($24), a State Surcharge ($45)
The total cost of the course includes our low online course fee of $47.95, a State Fee ($24), a State Surcharge ($45)

*If you are taking the course to have a ticket dismissed, you will also have to pay a Court Diversion Fee which varies according to the court. Click on the button below to find the court diversion fee for your court of jurisdiction.

Defensive Driving

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The best classroom facilities

In addition to our online classroom, we also offer an option to take part in a live classroom. We have locations across the East Valley of Phoenix.


In accordance with Arizona Supreme Court regulations, the only case where a court diversion fee refund will be granted is if the police officer fails to file the citation with the court, or the citation is dismissed by the court for any reason.  In all other cases, per the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration, Section 30, the State Fee and State Surcharge Fee are non-refundable after your class has begun. In the case of an online course, the school fee and all applicable credit/debit card fees are not refundable.

If during the registration process, the Arizona Supreme Court Defensive Driving Tracking System proves you ineligible due to your completion of a defensive driving course within the past twelve months, all credit/debit card fees are not refundable. The school fee is not refundable after 24 hours post-registration.


You have not attended a defensive driving course for a citation within the last year (12 months)
You must complete your class a minimum of 7 calendar days before your court appearance date.
 Your traffic violation is an “eligible” violation. Click here to see a list of eligible violations. You are NOT eligible if you were involved in an accident that resulted in serious injury or death.

Learn from the very best

Join our course and keep your driving record clean. In Arizona you can take the class one every 12 months.

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Monday-Friday 9:00 am-6:00 pm Voicemails and Emails left on Saturday and Sunday will be responded to within 24 hours.