Police soon will have one more reason to pull you over

Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation Tuesday May 17, 2016 that requires each and every tail and brake light on your vehicle to be working. One of them out? That’s enough probable cause for a cop to stop you, issue a ticket — and just check out in general what you’re doing. And if there’s any doubt that’s part of what’s … Read More

Red Light and Speeding Cameras to resume on Friday the thirteenth

Scottsdale’s photo enforcement program is scheduled to return on Friday.   According to the city, American Traffic Solutions, the company that operates the cameras, received its private investigation business license to comply with the recent official legal opinion from state Attorney General Mark Brnovich. The city’s photo enforcement was put on hold while ATS worked to get its license. Now … Read More

Red Light and Speeding cameras return to Chandler intersections Monday 5/16/2016

Photo enforcement cameras return to Chandler intersections Monday Drivers in Chandler will soon start seeing the flash of photo enforcement cameras in select intersections around the city. On Monday, May 16, photo enforcement cameras at seven Chandler intersections will activate to begin a week-long system test. Motorists passing through these intersections may see the cameras flash. But a flash doesn’t mean … Read More

Scottsdale Stops Issuing Phototickets

At least for the moment, the cameras have ceased flashing and the companies have stopped issuing citations to motorists. (The exception is Paradise Valley, where sworn officers are examining the photographic evidence.) But the systems could be up and running again in a few weeks, once DPS processes individual P.I. licenses for employees who handle evidence. After that, it will … Read More

Cornerstone Draft

Brian Lesko and Dan Sherman hate the idea of driverless cars, but for very different reasons. Lesko, 46, a business-development executive in Atlanta, doesn’t trust a robot to keep him out of harm’s way. “It scares the bejeebers out of me,” he says. Sherman, 21, a mechanical-engineering student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, trusts the technology and sees … Read More

STEP enforcement program aims to slow speeders in Pima County

PIMA COUNTY, AZ Deputies are in the middle of a yearly enforcement program developed to snag speeders across Pima County. Every year, they patrol random places across Pima County to look for drivers breaking the law. The difference with this enforcement? No warnings. Anyone who gets pulled over gets a ticket. “This is meant to be a zero-tolerance approach to … Read More

Phoenix area has 5 of the nation’s most dangerous railroad crossings

WASHINGTON – Five of the 13 most dangerous railroad crossings in the country are in the Phoenix metro area, according to data released Thursday by the Federal Railroad Administration. The crossings with the first, second and fifth most incidents in the country over the past decade are in Phoenix, while those ranked third and 12th are in Glendale. No other … Read More

Traffic deaths up nearly 10% — government blames driver

For years, traffic deaths have been declining steadily as cars become more crashworthy and enforcement of drunken driving laws have been ramped up. But that all came to a screeching halt last year, with traffic deaths showing a steep 9.3% increase in the first nine months of 2015. NHTSA estimates that more than 26,000 people died in traffic crashes in the first … Read More

Defensive Driving Wrong Way Drivers

Wrong-Way Drivers Arizona Department of Transportation  plans to test a prototype wrong-way vehicle detection system in Phoenix area. After completing a comprehensive study of wrong-way driving crashes on state highways and how technology may help reduce the threat, the Arizona Department of Transportation is planning a prototype project to use existing highway sensors to detect wrong-way vehicles and to alert … Read More