It’s National Car Care Month

Observe National Car Care Month with a Driveway Vehicle Check National Car Care Month in April is the perfect time for simple driveway car care to make sure your vehicle is operating safely and dependably for essential trips during this trying time, says the Car Care Council.   “A driveway vehicle check only takes about 10 minutes. These simple steps … Read More

Auto Accidents Drop by 50% as Stated by Insurance Claim Data

Auto Insurance Claims may be the lowest in 50 years. We’ve seen the pictures of empty freeways during rush hour and clean air over Los Angeles, as millions of cars remain parked. With so many people not driving anywhere, or driving very little, you had to figure auto accidents have declined dramatically, too. How dramatically? By 40% to 50%, according … Read More

You can Still Go See A Movie

West Wind Glendale 9 Drive-In Theater Is Still Showing Movies At a time when cineplexes everywhere are closed, one local theater is thriving. The West Wind Glendale 9 Drive-In is open for business and screening films nightly, giving Valley residents the chance to catch films on the big screen while maintaining social distance in their vehicles.

Why are all the Car Colors Boring

In the 1970s, a family car was as likely to be Red or yellow or green. So, what happened? Why did the vast majority of car buyers shun real colors? It’s no secret that our nation—no, our world—is currently in crisis. Despite frivolous distractions like this whole “pandemic” and “global economic shutdown”, we all know that the real crisis is the … Read More

COVID -19 and Your Car Insurance: A Practical Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every part of daily life, from sheltering in place to lost paychecks. While car insurance is no exception, the good news is that every major provider has pledged to help Americans in need like never before. To separate fact from fiction, we spoke with experts and analysts across the country to determine exactly how the coronavirus crisis … Read More

Did You Ever Wonder if They Have A Quota?

Missouri’s attorney general sues the city of Marshfield for illegal traffic ticket quota scheme. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt is suing the city of Marshfield for the alleged ticket quota scheme. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges efforts by the chief of police to intimidate whistleblowers. In the lawsuit, the attorney general’s office claims “the Department and the Chief of Police are … Read More

Who Invented the Airbag?

The airbag specifically for automobile use is credited independently to the American John W. Hetrick, who filed for an airbag patent on 5 August 1952, that was granted #2,649,311 by the United States Patent Office on 18 August 1953.  

Arizona Driver’s License Renewal Extensions

Driver License Renewal Extensions Implemented By Executive Order of Governor Doug Ducey the following extensions are in place: Driver License renewal requirements are extended six months from the expiration date for all Arizona driver licenses and driving permits that expire between March 1, 2020, and September 1, 2020. For example, if a driver’s license expires on March 20, 2020, the … Read More