Speeding’s Role in Accidents and Deaths

37,000 fatal car accidents occur yearly (averaging one every 14 minutes), approximately  1 in 3 collisions involve a driver traveling above the legal speed limit.

A menace to everyone on the highway, driving above the speed limit kill thousands of people every year as a result of losing control of their vehicles, having insufficient time to avoid deadly situations, and negating the effectiveness of safety restraints. In short, speeding is always a reckless, unnecessary behavior that leads to deadly accidents in a fraction of a second.

Defensive Driving

Between 2013 and 2017, the total number of accidents involving fatalities caused by speeding on American roads fluctuated between 9,300 and 10,300, accounting for roughly one-third of all deadly collisions.

When it comes to the most common causes of roadway accidents, their effects are exponentially compounded when two or more drivers are traveling above the posted speed limit. From encountering blind spots on the road to distracted driving and losing control of your vehicle, the behaviors that regularly lead to collisions can turn from dangerous to deadly when speeding is involved.