Why Will The TSA No Longer Accept Arizona Driver’s Licenses in 2020?

Starting Oct. 1, 2020, Arizonans will no longer be able to use their driver’s license as an ID at TSA checkpoints at the airport.

Regularly issued driver’s licenses are not in line with federal credential standards.

However, it’s not due to the state’s long renewal period.

In 2005, Congress enacted stricter credential standards for air travelers. But in 2015, the Arizona Legislature said the state cannot compel residents to get a federal ID.

Arizona is one of 37 states where residents have to voluntarily seek a federal I., so Arizonans will have to use an alternative federal or travel credential to board an airplane.

“We don’t want people to be stuck at the airport in October of 2020,” said Doug Nick, spokesman for Arizona MVD. He also said his agency is preparing for a last-minute rush at MVD offices before the deadline. “So now would be a great time to make an appointment.”

Nick says that the long renewal period does make it more difficult for the agency to raise awareness about this change. The travel IDs only became available in April 2016.

“The challenge for us is people don’t come in every three to five years, or whatever it might be, to renew their driver license,” Nick said.

It costs $25 to make your current driver’s licence federally compliant or to get a separate travel ID, which will need to be renewed every eight years. Residents need to bring documents confirming their identity, Social Security number and Arizona residency.