Defensive Driving Tip #81: If in Doubt Yield!

  We teach in defensive driving class that “Nobody ever yielded their way into a collision.” Think about it. If you are in doubt about who has the right of way, give it away. The other guy may be wrong, but you can end up hurt or dead. We often say no one HAS the right-of-way until it is yielded … Read More

Defensive Driving Tip #80: Don’t Trust NOBODY!

We teach in defensive driving class that “We have met the enemy and he is us”. You can never rely on what the other driver will do. Think back to all the mistakes you’ve made while driving over the years. Think ahead to the ones you know you will make in the future. All the other drivers are just like … Read More

Defensive Driving Tip # 79 Always Pay Attention!

Every week in defensive driving class I hear “I never saw him!” is the most common excuse heard after a collision. Was the other vehicle invisible? Virtually all collisions involve inattention on the part of one or both drivers. Inattention can involve many things, some of which are daydreaming, distractions, sleepiness, fatigue, “highway hypnosis,” talking, etc. A moving vehicle develops … Read More

Defensive Driving Tip #78 Speeding Only Feels Like It Saves Time

In defensive driving class we show, as the old public service campaign video that so succinctly puts it, “Speed kills.” Research has shown that for every mile per hour you drive, the likelihood of your being in an accident increases by four to five percent [source: ERSO]. At higher speeds, the risk increases much more quickly. People just don’t know … Read More

Defensive Driving Tip #77 Arizona Governor Doug Ducey OK’s Defensive Driving Once a Year!

On April 13, 2015 Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed his approval of  Arizona Senate Bill 2308 from the Arizona Fifty-second Legislature – First Regular Session. This changed Arizona Revised Statue  28-3392 Section B  “A person who attends a defensive driving school pursuant to this article is not eligible to attend a defensive driving school again within twelve months from the day of the … Read More

Defensive Driving Tip #76 Don’t Get The Circle K Ticket

In defensive driving class we teach people how not to get common Arizona traffic tickets. One of the common tickets is called the Circle K ticket. Driver get this ticket when they are in a dedicated left turn lane at a major three lane intersection. The red arrow turns green, which as you may know, is at different times in … Read More

Defensive Driving Tip #75: Thank the the AZ Governor!

It use to be under the current laws in Arizona drivers could only take a Defensive Driving course once every 2 years to have a minor traffic ticket dismissed. Big tickets like DUI, Reckless Driving, etc… did not apply. But now, the Governor, Doug Ducey decided to sign House bill 2308  allowing drivers to take a defensive driving class once every year! If you like … Read More

Defensive Driving Tip #73: What We Drive Affect How We Drive

Auto Insurance Analysis: Does What We Drive Affect How We Drive In defensive driving class we share this study of vehicle types, their driver profiles, and the frequency of traffic violations, auto insurance analytics firm Quality Planning debunks conventional wisdom that high-performance cars attract the most tickets.   Quality Planning (QPC), a Verisk Analytics company that validates policyholder information for auto insurers, has released updated … Read More

Defensive Driving Tip #72: Beware of Teen Drivers!

Teen Distracted Driving Crashes “Even Worse Than We Thought,” New Study Finds   We teach in defensive driving classes that crashes caused by distracted teen drivers may be a much more serious problem than previously thought, possibly even four times greater than earlier estimates. Distraction was a factor in nearly 6 out of 10 moderate-to-severe teen crashes in a new … Read More