Defensive Driving Tip #6: Wear Your Seat Belt!

Defensive Driving Tip #6: Wear Your Seat Belt!  Without a doubt, seat belts are the most significant safety device ever invented. Seat belts do several things for you. They provide impact protection, they absorb crash forces, and they keep you from being thrown out of the vehicle. Modern vehicles are built with “crumple zones,” and seat belts are an integral … Read More

Defensive Driving Tip #5: Don’t Drive Impaired

Defensive Driving Tip #5: Don’t Drive Impaired   First, let’s get this straight. In Arizona the “real” standard for Driving Under the Influence is “Impaired to the Slightest Degree.” This is a serious issue for drivers in Arizona, roughly 40% of all deaths in automobile accidents are directly related to driving under the influence. The first thing that comes to … Read More

Defensive Driving Tip #4: Don’t Speed!

Defensive Driving Tip #4: Don’t Speed! Driving at a speed that is higher than reasonable and prudent is not defensive driving, it increases your risk in two ways: it cuts your reaction time and results in more “stored” energy (that must be dissipated in any collision). You should consider if the risks are worth the gain. This is the science … Read More

Defensive Driving Tip #3: If in Doubt Yield!

Defensive Driving Tip #3: If in Doubt Yield! “Nobody ever yielded their way into a collision.” Think about it. If you are in doubt about who has the right of way, give it away. The other guy may be wrong, but you can end up hurt or dead. We often say no one HAS the right-of-way until it is yielded … Read More

Defensive Driving Tip #2: Don’t Trust ANYBODY!

Defensive Driving Tip #2: Don’t Trust ANYBODY! We have met the enemy and he is us. You can never rely on what the other driver will do. Think back to all the mistakes you’ve made while driving over the years. Think ahead to the ones you know you will make in the future. All the other drivers are just like … Read More

Defensive Driving Tip #1: Pay Attention

Defensive Driving Tip #1: Pay Attention “I never saw him!” is the most common excuse heard after a collision. Was the other vehicle invisible? Virtually all collisions involve inattention on the part of one or both drivers. Inattention can involve many things, some of which are daydreaming, distractions, sleepiness, fatigue, “highway hypnosis,” talking, etc. A moving vehicle develops thousands of … Read More

Airbags Traffic School

Airbags might save lives, but they can come with their own set of injuries as well, some of which are more unusual than others A 17-year-old Michigan girl was in a car accident where the airbags deployed. Upon being admitted to the emergency room she complained of blurry vision and feeling like something was in her eye. She had no … Read More

The best traffic ticket in Arizona to get….

Traffic school tip # 129 If you get pulled over by an officer in Arizona and told him or her your best story and you know  you are still getting the ticket, you might want to try this.  Start negotiating for the Wasting Finite Resources ticket 28-702.01a. If you can convince the police officer to write you this ticket it … Read More


In Arizona The Defensive Driving Program has the following required fee’s. State Fee $20, State Surcharge $45. The Classroom School Fee for Mesa, Phoenix, Chandler and Tempe is $25. The Classroom School Fee for all other courts is $35. The Online School Fee is 37.95 for all courts.


How to Drive Around Modern Roundabouts As you enter a roundabout, remember two key points: Never merge. The right of way is observed at the yield sign. Motorists already in the roundabout have the right of way. You must slow down or stop to yield to traffic approaching from the left. Wait for a gap in traffic, then carefully proceed into … Read More