Cool Tips for a Safe Summer Trip – Before You Go

Get Your Car Serviced Regular maintenance such as tune-ups, oil changes, battery checks, and tire rotations go a long way toward preventing breakdowns. If your vehicle has been serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it should be in good condition to travel. If not—or you don’t know the service history of the vehicle you plan to drive—schedule a preventive maintenance … Read More

Focus on Safety — Cool Tips for a Safe Summer Trip

Of the many great things about summertime, few match the fun of a family road trip. Before you hook up that new boat or camper or hit the road with your family or friends in your car, SUV, pickup, or RV, take the time to review these summer travel safety tips. Prevention and planning may take a little time up … Read More

Arizona Traffic Fatalities Jan.1 to June 17, 2019

439 Arizonans have died in Traffic Incidents Traffic fatalities in Arizona, and nationwide, are climbing. Every year since 2014, the number of people killed annually in car crashes on Arizona’s city streets, county roads and state highways have increased. Our aim in sharing this number and updating it weekly is to make the public aware that drivers’ actions have real-life … Read More

If you see a child alone in a vehicle

If you see a child alone in a vehicle: Always make sure the child is okay and responsive. If not, call 911 immediately. If the child appears to be okay, attempt to locate the parents or have the facility’s security or management page the car owner over the PA system. If the child is not responsive and appears to be … Read More

Where’s the Baby?

Is dropping off a child not part of your normal routine? Come up with some ways to remind yourself that the child is in the car. Place a briefcase, purse, or cell phone next to the child’s car seat so that you’ll always check the back seat before leaving the car. Call your spouse or another caregiver to confirm you’ve … Read More

Hot Cars Kill Children

Heatstroke Prevention Tips for Parents and Caregivers Leaving a child alone in a vehicle can lead to tragedy. These deaths, while accidental, are always preventable. Here are some helpful tips to make sure it doesn’t happen to your family. Remember: Never leave a child alone in a parked car, even with the windows rolled down or the air conditioning on. … Read More

Which State use #ROADRAGE the Most

Road rage, in every form, affects every driver in every state—and, in today’s social media age, filled with photos and videos and hashtags, we wanted to gather insights from the social sphere that we could present to drivers and communities, The analysis—which measured the number of Instagram posts in each state with hashtag #RoadRage from 2013 to 2016—found that the … Read More

When Road Rage Happens Most

When Road Rage Happens Most As you have seen countless times, when people who feel the need to teach everyone else a lesson encounter each other on the highway, things can quickly spiral out of control. Aggression—tailgating, making unpredictable lane changes, honking, flashing lights—often leads to retaliation. I have seen motorists suddenly change lanes, ticking off the driver behind and … Read More

Guess Which Generation Road Rages More

Which Generation Road Rages More If being annoyed is on the low end of our spectrum, says Gordon Fox of 2Pass Defensive Driving School In Mesa Arizona, anger is somewhere in the middle and rage is all the way at the other end. Fox describes this spectrum as “the straw that breaks the camel’sd back.” We each accumulate small amounts … Read More