Online Traffic School AZ

The State of Arizona allows people who get a minor traffic ticket to get it dismissed by completing an online defensive driving course. People can take the course once every year from ticket date to ticket date. The price of the course is determined by the name of the Court on the ticket NOT the violation. Here is what happens … Read More

Price of a Speeding Ticket In Arizona 2017

The BASE price of speeding tickets in Arizona are set individually at the court level. The three largest Municipal Courts are Phoenix, Tucson and Mesa. Then the City, State and County add Fee’s. Each Municipal Court publishes the fines on their city websites or you may receive a document called the “Bond Card” with your ticket that defines the amount … Read More

Can Your Car Get a Computer Virus, Trojan, spyware or malware?

Stealing Jeeps -- using laptops Texas police have charged two men believed to be responsible for the theft and illegal export of more than 100 vehicles -- using laptop computers.. Law Enforcement said that the two suspects specifically targeted Jeep and Dodge vehicles in the Houston area. They used the laptops to tap into the vehicles' systems to start them ... Read More

Dangers of Speeding


Increase in Arizona Traffic Tickets 2012-2016

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation there are roughly 5 million drivers in Arizona. From 2012-2016, Arizona’s Department of Public Safety issued about 1.3 million traffic tickets, and they are on the rise. Arizona drivers have more to worry about on the highways — and it’s not cell phones. It is Arizona state troopers: In 2015 and 2016, they … Read More

Do speeding tickets affect insurance in Arizona?

 A Speeding Ticket Your first thought, when you see the Photo Ticket in the mail “Uh-oh.” Your second thought: “How much is my insurance going to go up for this?” To affect your car insurance, a ticket of any kind – speeding, DUI, reckless driving — must be considered a moving violation and must appear on your driving record. A … Read More

E-DUI a Start to Solving the Problem

“Anyone can drive down the road and look to their left or right and see somebody of any age watching video, texting a friend, it’s just a daily occurrence. You’re behind the wheel, stopped at a red light; you’ve got about 30 seconds to kill. Next to you, often just inches away, your cellphone beckons. Your car isn’t moving, so … Read More

Even Kids Aren’t Safe

  It is illegal to drive with a BAC of .08 or higher in Arizona. Yet, over the 2015 Fourth of July holiday period (6 p.m. July 2 to 5:59 a.m. July 6), 146 people were killed in crashes involving at least one driver or motorcycle operator with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher, and 92 people … Read More

You can’t cover your license plate in Arizona anymore

Governor Doug Ducey signed Senate Bill 1073 on Tuesday, March 28 that bans license plate covers typically used in Arizona to prevent photo enforcement cameras from capturing an image of the plate. You probable thought this was already illegal. Senate Bill 1073 amends Arizona Revised Statute 28-2354. License plates; attachment; civil penalty. Senate Bill 1073 revises sub sections D, E … Read More