25 most idiotic & overrated car accessories #10

ANTENNA TOPPERS For older cars with upright antennas these car accessories can add a bit of personality to your ride, albeit in a rather tacky way.  Furthermore, these accessories tend to become quite annoying as you drive at higher speeds by repeatedly banging into your car windshield and/or roof.

25 most idiotic & overrated car accessories #9

CAR EYE LASHES & CARSTACHES Unless it’s Halloween and you’re driving to a costume party to one-up everyone by also dressing up your car, then don’t drive around with one of these ridiculous, tacky fake moustaches or set of headlight eye lashes.

25 most idiotic & overrated car accessories #7

BOGUS VENTS AND HOOD SCOOPS It’s bad enough when car manufacturers add non-functional vents and scoops to their cars, but to purposely add aftermarket stick-on fake vents and scoops is downright idiotic and will make your car look awfully cheap in a hurry.

25 most idiotic & overrated car accessories #6

 FAKE CHROME SPINNING HUBCAPS Made to look like Spinner Wheels, these imitation spinners are built from cheap plastic and fake chrome coating resulting in the perfect automotive accessory to make any car look much worse.

25 most idiotic & overrated car accessories #4

PHONY BULLET HOLE STICKERS No one believes that they’re real and if they do then I’m guessing they are stupid enough to think most of the car accessories on this list are awesome.  For those that place these stickers on their car in an attempt to gain street cred, then you’re even more pathetic then those that put it on … Read More

25 most idiotic & overrated car accessories #2

 GIGANTIC SPOILERS Unless your car has a ton of horsepower and you make regular runs at the race track, then you don’t need a huge spoiler.  Besides it looking dumb, it adds weight, increasing drag without any benefit and subsequently lowers your fuel economy.  If these are all things you want to achieve then go for it.  

25 most idiotic & overrated car accessories #1

 FAST FOOD SWIVEL TRAY If you eat in your car so much that you find value in buying a fast food tray to hold that burger and fries, then you may have a problem.  If you must eat and run then why not go inside every now in then or at least use your lap or the passenger seat?  Seems … Read More