Rule # 5 of Defensive Driving

5. Don’t Be Impaired We all have the responsibility to make sure we are able to drive safely whenever we operate our vehicle. Ask yourself, “Am I safe to drive? Am I rested? Am I ill? Have I taken medications that might affect my abilities? Has enough time past since I had that alcoholic drink? Do I have my glasses … Read More

Rule # 4 of Defensive Driving

4. Don’t Speed Speeding usually doesn’t save much time. Driving at a higher speed increases your risk in two ways: it cuts your reaction time and results in more “stored” energy (that must be dissipated in any collision). You should consider if the risks are worth the gain. A defensive driver chooses a speed matching traffic as closely as possible without exceeding … Read More

Rule # 3 of Defensive Driving

3. Yield Anyway Right of way rules are often misunderstood, and there are situations where the rules may not be clear to everyone. If there is uncertainty about which vehicle should have the right of way, give the other driver the road. When it comes to driving safely, it’s not the principle, but the outcome, that counts.

Rule #2 of Defensive Driving

2. Trust NO ONE On the road, you will never know what those other drivers will do. While driving, keep an eye on the cars around you and leave yourself plenty of room. Anticipate the mistakes others might make so you can be ready to react quickly.

Rule #1 of Defensive Driving

  1. Pay Attention Paying attention doesn’t come naturally, it can become a habit if you work at it. Make persistent choices NOT to eat while driving, or text while driving, or whatever you do that takes your attention off the road. Make an effort to connect your mind to your eyes and work at consciously analyzing what you see … Read More

Where does AZ rank on the Best Drivers in America

If you’re constantly frustrated with the drivers you share the streets with, you’re not alone. And there may be some truth to your road rage. Car crashes are a leading cause of death in the US and were expected to cause around 40,000 deaths by the end of 2018. To put it plainly, America’s roads are dangerous. Texting behind the wheel is … Read More

2019 You don’t get arrested if you drive without your glasses in Arizona

    28-3480. Operation in violation of restriction; classification; civil traffic violation A. A person who operates a motor vehicle in violation of a driver license restriction is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor. B. If the restriction that is violated is the requirement to wear corrective lenses while operating a motor vehicle, the person is responsible for a civil … Read More

The Semi Next to You on Arizona Roads Might Be Driving Itself

Here’s a new game for the kids on the long drive between Phoenix and Tucson: Spot the big, green-and-white 18-wheelers driving by themselves. Chinese autonomous vehicle maker TuSimple said on Monday January 7 th 2019 it will roll out up to 40 fully self-driving tractor-trailers on Arizona roads by June. It’s part of a test of the vehicles that has been going … Read More

Another child falls out of a car, but the car seat

January 15,2019 One moment, Chad “Cheddar” Mock was preparing to round a curve on a busy street in Mankato, Minn. The next, he found himself sprinting into traffic, trying to rescue a child in a car seat who had tumbled into the path of his truck. “If it didn’t happen in front of me i’d never have believed it,” Mock … Read More

These cities have the worst drivers in Arizona

Arizona is often mentioned among the places with the worst drivers in the country. But have you ever wondered exactly where in Arizona you’ll find the worst drivers? Using Arizona Department of Transportation statistics and population estimates, the data identifies which  cities have the highest number of crashes per capita to determine the places with the worst drivers. The study ranked Tolleson as … Read More