Here’s how you can legally break a window to save a child or animal in Arizona

Under state law Arizona Revised Statute 12-558.02  , anyone who believes a child or animal in a hot vehicle is in “imminent danger” of suffering injury or death can break a window to get them out without fear of a lawsuit. But that legal protection doesn’t kick in automatically: You must first call law enforcement or animal control. And remember, … Read More

Scottsdale photo-enforcement study shows big drop in crashes

5 intersections with the biggest drop in crashes These five photo-enforcement locations showed the most-significant drop in the number of annual collisions after cameras were installed. Scottsdale/Thomas northbound Before: 18.8 crashes. After: 11.6 crashes. Frank Lloyd Wright/Greenway-Hayden Loop eastbound Before: 13.7 crashes. After: 6.7 crashes. Hayden/Indian School southbound Before: 12.3 crashes. After: 6.7 crashes. Hayden/Thomas eastbound Before: 19.3 crashes. After: … Read More

How Often are the Scottsdale Photo Cameras Calibrated

How, and how often, is a fixed speed detection system calibrated and checked for accuracy? Detection system accuracy is established at the time of installation by comparing the speed indicated by the system with a calibrated detection device. The system is configured to an accuracy of +/- 1 MPH of the calibrated detection device reading. The city’s vendor conducts verification of … Read More