The best way to clean your vehicle to reduce the presence of coronavirus

Disinfectant wipes work best in your car or SUV’s cabin. It is the cleaner most used by manufacturers of most automotive interiors today. All it takes is a quick wipe to clean most germs and fingerprints. Soap and water will work, too. We suggest spending extra time on the steering wheel. According to, a steering wheel can have four … Read More

Protect Yourself Against Covid-19 When Pumping Gas

Pump handles and keypads can be contaminated, so take precautions to avoid exposure Despite social distancing and shuttered venues—moves designed to staunch the spread of the novel coronavirus—People still need to drive to places for food, medicine, and other supplies and services. For many, that means the occasional trip to the gas station is inevitable, as is touching the pump handle … Read More

A Lot More Arizona Families are Riding Bicycles During the Covid-19 shutdown

With people staying home from work during the Covid-19 outbreak, you’re likely seeing more bikes on the road, so it’s a perfect time for a reminder to Share the Road. March 24, 2020 DRIVERS SHARE THE ROAD For drivers, sharing the road begins with the understanding that bicyclists and motorcyclists have the same rights as you. They also face unique safety challenges, such as being … Read More

Covid-19 and Defensive Driving Classes In Arizona

The Supreme Court of Arizona released Administrative Order 2020-50 restricting Defensive Driving classroom sizes to 9 students. March 24, 2020 2Pass Defensive Driving will continue to offer multiple weekly Defensive Driving classes in the East Valley to assist Arizona Citizens with traffic tickets to get their tickets dismissed. When you complete the Defensive Driving Course: The charge on your Arizona … Read More