Chandler Red Light Camera Locations

Chandler Locations: N Alma School Rd & W Ray Rd N Alma School Rd & W Warner Rd W Chandler Blvd & N Kyrene Rd W Ray Rd & N McClintock Dr W Chandler Blvd & N Dobson Rd S Alma School Rd & W Queen Creek Rd S Rural Rd & W Ray Rd Arizona Ave & Warner Rd … Read More

Scottsdale Red Light Camera Locations

Scottsdale Locations: E Shea Blvd & N 120th St N Pima Rd & E Hualapai Dr N Scottsdale Rd & E McDowell Rd N Scottsdale Rd & E Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd N Scottsdale Rd & E Thomas Rd N Scottsdale Rd & E Shea Blvd E Shea Blvd & N 90th St N Hayden Rd & E Thomas Rd … Read More

Phoenix Red Light Camera Locations

Phoenix Locations: E Thomas Rd & N 24th St W McDowell Rd & N Central Ave W McDowell Rd & N 35th Ave E Ray Rd & S 50th St N 35th Ave & W Cactus Rd Tatum Blvd & E Thunderbird Rd N 7th St & E Bell Rd N 35th Ave & W Glendale Av Phoenix Locations:

Why are Both Lane Lights RED on the Entrance Ramp?

As the number of wrong-way drivers continues to rise across the Valley, the Arizona Department of Transportation is continuing its testing of a new system that includes technology to warn drivers of vehicles that are heading the wrong direction. In 2018, there have been 22 wrong-way incidents across Phoenix; four of which resulted in deaths. In an attempt to prevent … Read More

Summertime Is Prime Time for Vehicle Thefts – Protect Your Ride

Vehicle theft is serious business. In the United States: Passenger cars make up more than 50 percent of all stolen motor vehicles. Forty-two percent of all stolen motor vehicles are never recovered. There were 765,484 motor vehicles stolen in 2016. A motor vehicle is stolen every 41 seconds in the United States. Here is NHTSA’s list of the top 10 … Read More

Tips for driving, staying safe in dangerous Arizona heat

Before hitting the Arizona roads, remember that the extreme heat can take a toll on your vehicle. 2Pass Defensive Driving also created a list of Tips Bring your cellphone and cellphone charger. Enough said. Bring plenty of water. Water is not something to skimp on. Who knows whether you’ll find yourself detained longer than expected in the desert, such as by a flat tire. You’ll … Read More

Your Commute and Your Body

Long drives to and from work don’t just suck up your time; these long commutes may also be hazardous to your health. Besides draining you mentally and forcing you to sit for extended periods through traffic jams, long commutes are linked to less sleep, high cholesterol, and obesity.     This infographic from College@Home spells out the mental and physical … Read More

Pam’s Law 2018

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill that increases the penalties for vehicle crashes involving serious injuries or death. It’s nickname is “Pam’s Law,” named after a Valley mom Pamela Hesselbacher. Hesselbacher was killed while trying to cross the street with her two small children at Ray Road and College Avenue in Chandler back in November of 2016. Her two children … Read More

Why are Stop Signs Red?

In the early years of driving, it was a discombobulating mess. Streetcars shared the road with horses, cars, people. A form of traffic control was needed. One solution was offered by William Phelps Eno, a wealthy New England native, who conceived the stop sign in a 1900 article for Rider and Driver magazine titled “Reforming Our Street Traffic Urgently Needed.” … Read More

Speeding Ticket Scams

Beware of these new speeding ticket scams If you use the words “Arizona Traffic Ticket” and “scam” interchangeably, chances are you’ve recently been pulled over by an Arizona State Trooper. Most citations are perfectly legitimate, of course. Maybe the officer clocked you a way above the speed limit. (Or you got a photo ticket.) But a few aren’t. The latest … Read More