2020 Update on Phoenix Red Light cameras

Will the flash of the red light cameras in Phoenix be activated again?

According to Phoenix city officials, there are 1,150 signalized intersections in Phoenix. Each year, these intersections saw an average of 1,520 red-light running crashes. Those crashes took the lives of nearly 90 people per year on average.

City officials compiled those three years of data, but they are looking to utilize a “composite scoring methodology,” that would include values for each factor. From those factors, an intersection would be given a score. The score would help determine if it could be a good location for a red light camera.

Here are the results of the 600 intersections that scored the highest with that point system:

City officials are proposing a five-year contract and 24 fixed cameras, along with 16 photo radar vans for school zones. That would double the amount Phoenix once had.


The following list depicts where each camera could be implemented when considering the statistical rankings:

1) 27th Avenue/Adams Street
2) 21st Avenue/Glendale Avenue
3) 43rd Avenue/Encanto Boulevard
4) 1st Avenue/Lincoln Street
5) 27th Avenue/Indian School Road
6) 43rd Avenue/Thomas Road
6) 7th Street/Mohave Street
8) 59th Avenue/Osborn Road
8) 7th Street/Broadway Road
10) 39th Avenue/Bell Road
10) 43rd Avenue/Bethany Home Road
10) 43rd Avenue/Peoria Avenue
10) 5th Avenue/McDowell Road
14) 19th Avenue/Grant Street
14) 27th Avenue/Camelback Road
14) 28th Drive/Cactus Road
14) 71st Avenue/Thomas Road
18) 43rd Avenue/Grand Avenue
18) 43rd Avenue/Maryland Avenue
18) 51st Avenue/Van Buren Street
18) 7th Avenue/Indian School Road
22) 22nd Avenue/Missouri Avenue
22) 44th Street/Washington Street
24) 19th Avenue/Adams Street
24) 19th Avenue/Indian School Road
24) 19th Avenue/Northern Avenue
24) 19th Avenue/Thomas Road
24) 35th Avenue/Roosevelt Street
24) 35th Avenue/Union Hills Drive
24) 3rd Avenue/McDowell Road
24) 43rd Avenue/Van Buren Street