12 Tips for Beating an Arizona Photo-Enforcement Ticket #3

Tip 3: Make It Seem Like Nobody’s Home — Ever

Process servers tend to go where they think they’ll find their quarry. On the flip side, they may avoid returning to a residence that doesn’t appear to provide a likely payoff.

So keep the car in the garage and shut the blinds.

This serves two purposes. One, it makes it look like no one’s there. Two, it provides you with a cloak of invisibility. Because if a server sees you inside and recognizes you as the violator, you’re done for, even if you don’t answer the door. And servers usually have a copy of the violator’s driver’s license photo.

Video cameras and peepholes can be utilized to distinguish process servers from guests. And if the doorbell rings at an odd hour or on a holiday, take note: It could be the server.

(One caveat to bear in mind: Process servers don’t only deliver tickets. They may bring important documents you actually need.)